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Data Governance-as-a-Service 

Unlock our comprehensive suite of data governance and data management capabilities meticulously crafted to elevate your organisation's data.



In today's rapidly evolving landscape, successful data governance programs are essential to drive efficiency, compliance, and strategic decision-making while unlocking the full value of data. At dataXchange, we recognise that organisations need to not only establish strong data governance but also continuously enhance their capabilities. That's why we've curated a comprehensive service catalogue, where our expert team seamlessly augments your existing resources. We tailor our services to your unique needs, uplifting your organisation's data governance capabilities for faster, more impactful outcomes.

It's time to simplify, streamline, and supercharge your data governance efforts with our range of services. 

data governance has never been so easy!

tackle key challenges when implementing a successful data governance programmeDGaaS-head

Whether you have an existing data governance function, or need to create capability from scratch. Our as-a-Service offering for Data Governance can provide the right capabilities, at the right time.

leveraging subject matter experts

dataXchange can work with your data governance team to perform specific tasks based on our expertise, or provide you with advisory services on an ongoing basis. This could consist of strategic review and recommendations, applying thought leadership and/or extra hands for your activities and tasks.

breathe-in breathe-out scalability

Our DGaaS solution offers experienced personnel to assist you in scaling up your efforts as needed, and for the time required. This enables you to scale up to tackle critical tasks without the concern of incurring substantial, enduring overhead costs associated with not being able to scale down.

skills shortage in the New Zealand market

If you are struggling to find the right mix of skills and experience in the market to cover the multifaceted application of data governance, DGaaS can help. At dataXchange, we know that good data governance people are hard to find (we’ve hired a number of them). We can help solve your data governance skill shortage gaps.

dataXchange understands these hurdles and stands as your beacon of support that addresses three key challenges with our on demand Data Governance as-a-Service. Discover our three levels of DGaaS services, designed to provide a comprehensive catalogue of capabilities that smoothly integrate with your organisation. Whether you're scaling up for projects, ensuring compliance, or enhancing your data governance capabilities, we have you covered. Contact us to learn more about how DGaaS can work for you, and take the first step towards data-driven success.