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We are laser focused on data governance. It is a journey. We will walk side-by-side with you and lead you through it.

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We don't just offer services; we offer solutions tailored to the unique challenges to make data governance easy, efficient, and effective. We've developed a set of proprietary frameworks, approaches, and accelerators designed to advance your journey towards redefining data governance and establishing sustainable data management capabilities.

Our engagement model is anchored in two core principles: “Continuous Data Awareness" and "Balancing Compliance, Risk Management, and Value Realisation". We believe that maintaining awareness of your data landscape and finding the right balance between compliance, risk mitigation, and value are key to unlocking the full potential of your data assets.

Our advisory, consultancy and support services span across: 

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Our advisory services are designed to work closely with you to ascertain your data governance strategies and define optimal data management practices for your business. We help you understand your data maturity, ensure alignment with business objectives, and facilitate compliance and adoption, laying the foundation for driving value and innovation through data.

data strategy

data architecture

data ethics

data maturity

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Our consultancy services provide expert guidance in data governance and data management, working directly with your teams to enhance detailed data elements and enable adoption through organisational change. We focus on embedding robust data management practices into your everyday business functions, driving operational efficiency and effectiveness.

data governance

data lineage, cataloguing and curation

data quality

data problem and incident management

data privacy

compliance and regulation

data assurance

data literacy

master data management

data risk management




Enhance your data governance and management with our comprehensive support services, providing ongoing expert guidance for daily tasks, compliance, and innovative initiatives. We offer tailored resource augmentation and Data Governance-as-a-Service (DGaaS), empowering your organisation to meet its data goals efficiently and effectively.

resource augmentation


Elevate your data governance with dataXchange, trusted by New Zealand's leading businesses.

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